Please take a few minutes to tell us something awesome about one of our faculty. Help us to recognize them as "caught being awesome".
This is your chance to let us know something awesome about one of our Mountain Heights faculty. Please be specific in your description of their awesomeness.

Who would you like to report as "caught being awesome"? Please choose one faculty member that you would like to commend.

Amberlee Ellett
Amy Pace  
Annie Swinton
Ashley Webb    
Becky Ball    
Cara Fitzpatrick
Chelse Shaum
Crystal Van Ausdal
DeLaina Tonks
Elessa Ellett Hinkle
Emily Andersen
Emily Tate
Jenn Beecher
Jenna Ellis
Jenni Wurm
Jennifer Hedrick
Jennifer Klein
Jenny Dawman
Jessica Jackson
Julie Stoker
Kate Plewe
Kathryn Abbot
Katie Hackett
Krista Lindsay
Laura Bishop
Lindsey Fairbanks
Lora Gibbons
Lynsey Sneddon
Madison Kingsford
Marenda Brown
Megann Bench
Melissa Daley
Melissa Hesterman
Mindy Branson 
Sandy Wall
Sara Layton
Sara Scholes
Sarah Lyons
Sarah Weston
Sara Wilson
Shanna Haws
Tahna Mazziotti
Tiffany Swenson
Victoria Webb (Vickie)
Whisper Rood
Kim McDermaid
Crystal Ingersoll
Melissa Glad
Maxx Stewart
Karlee Genther
Tia Jones
Marni Ostler
What did this faculty member do that was amazingly awesome?

Please be specific and give examples.
Thank you for taking the time to tell us about a faculty member who you have "caught being awesome".
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